split 7" with Noisear

by Days of Desolation



Out on Power-It-Up records in 2017


released February 10, 2017

Recorded at Halenoise HQ. Mixed by Ben-Younes Zahnoun and Död. Mastered by Irving Lopez at Imperial Mind Engineering.



all rights reserved


Days of Desolation Halen, Belgium

Olke: vocals
Jasper: guitar, backing vocals
Owen: drums, backing vocals
Manu: bass
Bart: guitar

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Track Name: Fault Lines
Mending holes torn
by years of neglect
Reluctant to recognize
the faults in former visions
Unable to allocate
the necessary resources and profit they create

Maybe there is a point
to all current toil
Patience and persistence
are all that remain
To weather the storm
Quantifying consequence
To mitigate the risk
of events spinning out of control

A war of attrition
Yet all returns
in circles in time
A perpeteum mobile
Self proliferation is priority

The spiral goes down

Change comes by impact
On ego and cost
Hope never escaped
from pandora's box
Track Name: Now I...
Never figured out
exactly how to fit in
Standing outside of the circle, I'm looking in
Analyzing behaviour
I might need to mimic
to disguise myself
Not be shunned
like a painted bird
Too abnormal to comply

with the norm
Too realistic to be accepted
by the dreamers
Try not to think so much

Conflicting thoughts and ideas
A thousand points of view
There aren't any answers
to the questions asked
Continuous turmoil
revolving in my head
The synthetic signals
induced by chemicals
Now I sense
Now I recognize
Now I suffer
Now I abide
Now I...
Track Name: Void
Sell the product
No fucking content
Not important at all
Cash the profit
Entice the public
with one-liners and catch phrases

In an artificial world
perception is reality
First Impressions
are all that matter

Manipulated presentations
Subliminal messages
Put on a painted smile
and spread your lies

It is not what
you have to say
It's how you
fucking say it

The void expands
and swallows it all
Track Name: Perceptions of a Stranger World
Anno 2016
where are you amongst the greater scheme?
As if we fell asleep to the beat
of a man lashing at our door as he screams

A somber and dark, twisted dream
awaits us in this vision surreal
The colors you love will soon turn grey
The palette washing over all of history

The arctic waters, unable to swallow up
the air in the poles and the oxygen it contains
The oceanographic lungs of our planet
struck with an embolism of microplastics
Bacteria, deep down above the sediment
can no longer prevent methane bubbles from rising
All life on earth will choke on our arrogance
A postmodern rehashing of the Perm extinction

Stagger with fear towards the apocalypse
Tainted with gout, tumbling into paralysis (2x)

Humanity will not go out with a bang
Humanity will fade into darkness
We won't crumble by the guilt on our schoulders
but under the weight of a thundering applause

Into darkness